[CG] Diabetes : gestational diabetes (GDM): women treated with diet alone


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Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: GTT { fast 5.1-6.9 or 2 hour 8.5-10.9}
Continue original obstetric consultant care
Diabetic team –Review by diabetic sister and dietician  with phone follow up 

*  If highly abnormal  GTT {fast  ≥ 7.0  or 2 hour ≥ 11.0}  refer directly to combined obstetric diabetic clinic 

Name :      Obstetric consultant : 
CHI :  


Diagnostic OGTT

Time (mins)

Glucose (mmol/l)









Antenatal care :


Antenatal care as originally planned / additional scans not required on basis of gestational diabetes alone

Do not require antenatal insulin infusion for steroids administration If BM testing outwith normal woman to contact diabetic nurse.

If patient requires metformin or insulin the diabetic team will transfer care of woman to the combined obstetric diabetic clinic

Delivery plan :   


Deliver at 39-40 weeks gestation if monitoring satisfactory 

Do not require insulin infusion for delivery BM 2 hourly monitoring in labour

Post delivery plan

Treatment not required        Pre-prandial BM checks for first 24 hours

Six to twelve week postnatal testing @ GP :  Fasting blood glucose
{ FBG abnormal 6.1-6.9 ,  ≥ 7.0 refer to Diabetic team}

Future primary care screening : Annual  FBG for all gestational diabetics                           

Diabetic team contact

RAH  : Nurse specialist ext: 06639  Page: 56283     Consultant Phone secretary 06882



Last reviewed: 13 December 2016

Next review: 12 December 2021

Author(s): Fiona MacKenzie

Approved By: Obstetric Governance Group