[CG] Antibiotic policy, obstetric patients - treatment


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The aim of this policy is to provide broad guidance for the empiric therapy of infections in obstetric patients. It cannot cover all of the possible situations in which infection is a risk or present. Advice on the management/control of infection may be obtained at any time from the duty microbiologist for your site.

Infection control advice may also be obtained from the infection control nurses for your site.

These recommendations are intended to:

  • promote the rational, safe and clinically effective use of antibiotics.
  • reduce the potential for the emergence of antibiotic resistant bacteria.
  • reduce risk of cannula-related infection by promoting oral therapy.

Compliance with these guidelines is an important aspect of the Trust’s Infection Control Policy. Please adhere to this policy unless you have discussed the problem with a medical microbiologist.


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Last reviewed: 01 September 2019

Next review: 30 September 2022

Author(s): Dr Brian Jones, Consultant Microbiologist

Version: 8

Co-Author(s): Ysobel Gourlay Lead Pharmacist GG&C Antimicrobial Management Team; Mrs June Grant, Lead Clinical Pharmacist W&C, GG&C

Approved By: Obstetrics Clinical Governance Group

Document Id: 320


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