[CG] Vulval pain, management of


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There are many causes of vulval pain. Women are often embarrassed by their symptoms and suffer for months or years before seeking medical advice. It can lead to difficulties with intercourse and secondary psychosexual problems are not uncommon. A thorough history and appropriate investigations should lead to the correct diagnosis.

Newly updated terminology from 2015 should be used as it reflects more current ideas regarding the causes of persistent vulval pain. It is expected that it will improve clinical care and streamline effective management options (see Appendix 1).


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Last reviewed: 18 September 2017

Next review: 31 August 2022

Author(s): Dr Kay McAllister, Consultant SRH and Dr Simone Vella, Consultant Gynaecologist, on behalf of the Gynaecology subgroup of GONEC

Approved By: Dr Ros Jamieson, Clinical Director Gynaecology