[CG] Tubal patency testing (HSG / HyCoSy), eligibility


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Inclusion Criteria

  • Couples in a relationship who are trying to achieve pregnancy (Heterosexual couples after confirmation of a normal semen analysis, or couples wishing to use donor sperm for treatment)
  • BMI 35 or below
  • Single women may be offered the investigation if they are pursuing fertility treatment privately

Exclusion criteria

  • Likely unexplained infertility, where outcome of tubal patency test is highly unlikely to change onward treatment plan
  • One tube already known to be damaged or removed
  • Significant semen abnormality where ICSI is the treatment of choice
  • Not appropriate as a test for tubal occlusion after sterilisation
  • Not appropriate as an assessment of the endometrial cavity in women with menorraghia / inter-menstrual or post-coital bleeding

Last reviewed: 01 July 2019

Next review: 30 June 2024

Author(s): Dr S Khan / Dr H Lyall

Approved By: Dr R Jamieson, Clinical Director