[CG] Pre-operative pregnancy testing in gynaecology patients


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All patients aged 55 and under should have a urinary pregnancy test performed prior to any gynaecological surgery. This should be carried out on the day of the procedure, using a sample collected either at home on the morning of the procedure, or on admission for the procedure. 

The result of the pregnancy test must be recorded in the peri-operative care plan.

The operating surgeon / theatre must be informed of any positive result prior to theatre transfer.

The only patients who can be excluded are as follows:

  • Previous total hysterectomy
  • TOP patients
  • Patients having surgery for a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy

The test result must be included in the surgical pause.

The above is mandatory – every eligible patient, every time.

Last reviewed: 01 March 2017

Next review: 01 March 2022

Author(s): Claire Higgins

Approved By: Dr Ros Jamieson, Clinical Director

Document Id: 316