[CG] Greater Glasgow & Clyde Sexual Assault Guideline


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The purpose of this guideline is to provide information regarding the initial assessment, immediate medical care and follow up of patients who are referred to or admitted under gynaecology who disclose a history of recent sexual assault. It outlines the referral process to Archway (sexual assault referral centre) for forensic examination with or without the involvement of the Police. 

For patients presenting beyond forensic timescales (usually >7 days) or who opt not to accept referral to Archway this guideline outlines the immediate medical care and follow up they should be offered. 

For patients disclosing historical rape/sexual assault a list of agencies available to offer support are listed at the end of the guideline (Appendix 1). This can be printed off and given to patients.  


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Last reviewed: 01 November 2019

Next review: 30 November 2024

Author(s): Kay McAllister

Approved By: Dr R Jamieson, Clinical Director

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