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Authorisation for sensitive disposal following pregnancy loss at less than 24 weeks gestation (SD7)

Guidance on completion of ‘Authorisation for disposal following pregnancy loss’ (SD7) Form:

  • An appropriate addressograph label should be used, including name, date of birth, CHI, address.
  • Complete Doctor/Midwife/Nurse in charge in block capitals including Designation. This should normally be the Consultant in Charge, unless the patient is being seen in a Nurse or Midwife Led Service.
  • Date of Delivery could also be the date of procedure if appropriate.
  • Gestation age should be complete for all cases to confirm that the loss is less than 24 weeks. It is recognised that it can be difficult/impossible to be accurate and a narrow range (e.g. 8-12 weeks) is acceptable.
  • Section A or B must be deleted.
  • If Section A is completed then all questions must be answered.
  • If the woman selects option 3 (I wish to take my pregnancy loss out of the hospital) then a ‘Release of Tissue’ Form (SD8) must be completed and sent with the specimen.
  • All forms must be signed and witnessed. The witness should be a registered Doctor, Midwife or Nurse.
  • An SD7 form must be completed and send to the Mortuary for registration, even if the Patient is receiving the Pregnancy loss tissue directly from the Theatre or Ward
  • The original form is to be sent with the specimen. Copies are to be given to the woman and inserted into the notes.

Any forms which are incorrect, incomplete or illegible will be returned to the sender. This will delay laboratory processing or Mortuary disposal.


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Author(s): Dr Gareth Bryson, NHSGGC Pathology Dept

Version: 1.2