[CG] EPAS, escalation of clinical concerns


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Escalation of clinical concerns in EPAS

  • If urgent clinical issue, discuss with on call gynaecology Consultant (Page 17332) or gynaecology registrar (Page 17519)
  • All other concerns (ie – rescan, complex patients) – please contact Dr Lynne Thomson via email in the first instance. Lynne.thomson5@ggc.scot.nhs.uk. A plan will be suggested by Dr Thomson and if necessary a return appointment made to Wednesday Specialist EPAS clinic.
  • Please inform Dr Lynne Thomson of any complex or concerning EPAS patients via email

Last reviewed: 22 November 2021

Next review: 30 September 2026

Author(s): Lynne Thomson

Approved By: Gynaecology Clinical Governance Group

Document Id: 952