[CG] Diabetes: Screening for gestational diabetes GGC ( COVID contingency) 26/10/2020


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At booking

BMI >= 35 (Clyde, PRM)   BMI >=40 (QEUH)

Previous baby > 4.5 Kg

Family history of diabetes {T1 or T2 in first degree relative}

Family origin {South Asia, Middle Eastern, Chinese or Black African/Caribbean}

Previous Pancreatitis

Previous gestational diabetes {needs OGTT at 16 and 26 weeks}

Perform HA1c at booking

If  48 refer direct into combined clinic

If < 48 perform OGTT at 26 weeks gestation in day care ( Previous GDM OGTT also at 16 weeks)

During the pregnancy

Repeated {> one occasion} heavy glycosuria {2+ or more}
EFW > 97th centile ( Intergrowth)
Perform OGTT in day care

Diagnostic for gestational diabetes if FBG > = 5.1 mmol/L OR 2 hour BG >=8.5mmol/L 

How women with GDM is managed varies between the 3 hospitals – see their individual contingency guidelines