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To easily identify all patients through a TrakCare Alert that a patient is being managed as having or potentially having COVID-19.  It must be stressed this TrakCare Alert is an operational tool to identify patients being managed on the COVID19 pathway and should NOT be interpreted as an indicator of a confirmed COVID19 case. The overarching objective is to ensure safe management of these patient and minimise risk of infection to patients and staff.


The Alert provides visibility on the TrakCare floor plan of patients being managed through the COVID-19 pathway. The purpose of the Alert is to ensure the appropriate steps in accordance with COVID-19 special measures are taken in the care of these individuals. 

  1. The COVID-19 Patient Alert is now live and should be used.
  2. The COVID-19 Patient Pathway Alert will replace the existing ED temporary alert and all new attendance should have the COVID-19 Patient Pathway Alert used with immediate effect.
  3. All patients currently with the ED Temporary COVID-19 Alert should have the new COVID-19 Patient Pathway Alert activated (see guide for instruction on how)
  4. EHealth will once all patients have transitioned to the new COVID-19 Patient Pathway Alert, turnoff the first alert, this will be done with the approval of the site Medical GMs.
  5. This Alert is an indicator that the patient is being managed along the COVID-19 patient pathway and should not be used as a clinical indicator.
  6. The COVID-19 Patient Pathway Alert will be a permanent alert and as such once recorded this Alert will be on the patient record until manually taken off.
  7. This COVID-19 Patient Pathway Alert should be removed only if the patient is admitted and subsequently a negative COVID-19 test result is reported and the patient is no longer being managed along the COVID-19 patient Pathway.


This Alert can be put on at any stage in the patient’s journey from pre-registration through to Inpatient stay and is an operational Alert to identify patient being managed on the COVID-19 Patient Pathway. Please refer to the user guide attached on how to complete the COVID-19 Alert. If a patient is admitted the COVID-19 Patient Pathway should only be taken off if a negative COVID-19 test is reported and the patient is therefore no longer being managed on the COVID-19 Patient Pathway. 


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Last reviewed: 05 November 2021

Next review: 05 November 2023

Author(s): Callum Alexander

Version: 0.1

Approved By: NHS GG&C Unscheduled Care Steering Group