[CG] Covid-19 Criteria for Scans in EPAS


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Scan to be allocated for:

  • PV bleeding over 6 weeks with no IU pregnancy confirmed (see earlier if irregular cycles/bleeding or LMP not definite)
  • Abdominal pain (except for mild cramp) at any gestation if IU pregnancy not already confirmed
  • Asymptomatic Previous ectopic pregnancy at 7 weeks
  • Early scan for pregnancies requiring medical intervention, such as patients needing Clexane. See at 7 weeks
  • Previous molar pregnancy or 3 consecutive miscarriages, one scan at 8 weeks only

If guarded prognosis at private scan and the patients have clear images and reports, can be allocated a rescan appointment for 7 to 14 days (based on gestation and scan results) to confirm non-continuing IU pregnancy

Not to allocate scans for:

  • 2 previous consecutive miscarriages or poor obstetric history.
  • Confirmed IU pregnancy with further light PV bleeding or abdominal pain. May need to consider further scan if moderate/heavy pv bleeding.
  • Once a confirmed IU pregnancy seen, i.e iu sac and yolk sac, not for further viability scan.
  • Patients having expectant management can be advised to phone epas in 3 weeks rather than further automatic scan appointment.
  • Minor RTA and falls.
  • Once IU pregnancy confirmed, most patients with retained products could be managed over the telephone

Last reviewed: 30 November 2021

Next review: 03 December 2022

Author(s): Lynne Poolford

Version: 2

Approved By: GONEC

Document Id: 776