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Any patient with a serious medical condition or complication of pregnancy should be assessed by an obstetric anaesthetist during the course of her pregnancy. We have streamlined the service in an attempt to reduce pressure in what may continue to be a busy time with increased clinical workload and possible reduced staffing numbers.

The list below is not exhaustive, and if there is uncertainty regarding whether or not a patient should be referred, please contact the duty Consultant anaesthetist on labour ward for advice (page 12205).


Revised referral criteria

History of major anaesthetic complications (e.g. failed intubation, malignant hyperthermia)

Severe cardiac disease

Previous spinal surgery
Intracranial lesion

Morbid obesity BMI >50
Transplanted organ

Referral process

Please refer via BadgerNet* or by emailing directly: prmanaes@ggc.scot.nhs.uk

Please detail:
CHI number as subject
Patient’s name and phone number
Brief reason for referral and EDD

Referrals will be triaged and consultations will be done by telephone/video consultation

If the woman requires a face to face appointment, we will attempt to review at next antenatal clinic visit

*BadgerNet referral steps:
Select ‘Enter new note’ > Search ‘Referrals’ > Select ‘Anaesthetics’ > Fill out patient information > Select ‘Save and close’ > Select ‘Yes’ to view referral > Select ‘Confirm and send’

BadgerNet Referral Process for High Risk Anaesthetic Review

To refer your patient for an Anaesthetic review using BadgerNet, please follow the following

  1. Select ‘Enter new note.’ Search and select ‘Referrals’.

  2. When the referral form opens select Anaesthetics.

  3. Populate any relevant information including reason for referral.

  4. Select ‘Save and close’ when finished.

  5. The next window will display the following message. Select ‘Yes’.

  6. The referral form will open up as shown below. Select ‘Confirm and send’.

  7. You can check that the referral has been sent by selecting the ‘Referrals’ tab under Reports.

  8. If the referral has not been sent you can select ‘Confirm and send’ again.

Last reviewed: 16 May 2020

Next review: 21 March 2022

Author(s): K Slade

Version: 1