[CG] Maternity Early Warning Scoring MEWS chart guidance for use within the postnatal community setting


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The use of a MEWS chart as part of a woman’s vital signs assessment is a useful tool to support the midwife and other care-givers in clinical decision making. The MEWS chart triggers in conjunction with full history taking and thorough post-natal examination will assist the clinician in the prompt recognition, appropriate escalation and treatment of the deteriorating postpartum woman. 


  • All postnatal women will have their inpatient MEWS chart transferred to the community midwifery team as part of the post-natal SWHHMR
  • The inpatient MEWS chart will be continued in the community
  • BP, Temp, Pulse and Respirations will be recorded daily for the woman’s first 3 postnatal days unless otherwise indicated/prescribed e.g. if a woman reports feeling unwell on any visit thereafter.
  • Fundus, lochia, perineal or abdominal wound will be inspected and findings recorded during each visiting episode unless otherwise indicated.
  • Good Communication, documentation, care planning, timely and appropriate escalation of concerns is essential.
  • Remember SBAR

Last reviewed: 30 October 2015

Next review: 22 June 2021

Author(s): Elaine Drennan

Version: 1

Approved By: Obstetrics Clinical Governance Group

Document Id: 573