[CG] In utero transfer


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IUTs are an essential part of networked care and have been shown to improve neonatal outcomes compared to a postnatal transfer. To avoid unnecessary risk to the mother and baby in transit, there should be a full review of the clinical situation when considering an IUT. All potential IUTs should be discussed with the Neonatal unit and on call Neonatal and Obstetric Consultant

Possible indications for IUT:

  • Lack of capacity in the local NNU
  • Fetal concerns mean delivery in another centre is required
  • Gestation below that which local NNU manages
  • Fetal Surgical disorders (e.g. Congenital Diphragmatic Hernia)
  • Fetal Cardiac disorders
  • Maternal conditions requiring delivery in another centre eg Cardiac / haematological / Invasive Placental Disease


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Last reviewed: 06 June 2022

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Author(s): Allan Jackson

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