[CG] Checking bladder integrity with dye


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Use of patent blue V sodium solution by bladder instillation in theatre

This product is not licensed for use for this indication.  

An entry should be made in the relevant Unlicensed Medicine Patient Supply recording sheet in  theatre each time an ampoule is used. See sample recording sheet attached for details required. 

This guideline applies to all Gynaecology or Obstetric Medical or Midwifery staff involved in the use of Patent Blue V in GGC.  

Guideline for use

  • The Patent Blue V solution may only be used in accordance with this guideline.

  • It may only be used in an emergency situation to confirm that the bladder is intact. It is not for routine use. It should not be used intravenously for this indication.

  • The dilution and administration procedure below must be used:
  1. Add the contents of one ampoule of Patent Blue V 2.5% (2ml) to a 500ml bag of sodium chloride 0.9% infusion solution and mix well.

  2. Attach the giving set to the urinary catheter and instill the dye solution into the bladder as required.

  3. Enter details in the relevant Unlicensed Medicine Patient Supply recording sheet
  4. Dispose of remaining solution in accordance with local guidelines.

Last reviewed: 07 June 2016

Next review: 30 June 2021

Author(s): Julie Murphy, June Grant, Lead Clinical Pharmacist, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Women & Children’s Services, GGC on behalf of GGC Obstetric Guidelines Group

Approved By: Dr Catrina Bain, Clinical Director, Obstetrics GGC

Document Id: 436