[CG] Surgery during pregnancy - incidental


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Key Messages

  •  All females of child bearing age should have their pregnancy status clarified on admission to hospital.
  •  Gestation should be established from a valid EDD:
    • Request maternity notes via Maternity Hospital Coordinator
    • If gestation cannot be established from booking scan in notes, discuss with Obstetrics StR regarding further US scan
  • The patient should have a named consultant obstetrician
  • Where gestation is > 20+0 weeks, Surgery should be performed in a centre with obstetric and neonatal services on site wherever feasible.
  • Multi-disciplinary planning is essential
  • In the rare situation that surgery cannot be performed in a centre with on-site obstetric and neonatal services, the consultant Obstetrician from the patient’s maternity unit should be contacted at the earliest opportunity. Where possible, an appropriate team will be deployed dependent on the gestational age of the fetus.  

Applicable Unit Policies


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Last reviewed: 12 October 2017

Next review: 01 October 2022

Author(s): Dr Rachel Kearns; Dr Alan Jackson; Dr Marcus McMillan; Vicki Mazzoni

Approved By: Obstetric Guideline Group; Obstetric Governance Group

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