IT Systems

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This section will give you an overview of key IT systems and their uses in O&G within GG&C

Trakcare Result Sign-Off

Please remember to sign-off results you have reviewed and actioned on Trakcare

How to do this ...

Set up your homepage

1. Log into Trakcare

2. Select 'Results Unsigned' from the menu

3. Select 'Results IP' and then 'Preferences'

4. Then update 'Date' and 'Inpatient/Outpatient/Emergency'  

5. Remove yourself as “Responsible Clinician” - Leave this blank

6. Select your own ward or clinical area as 'Ward" e.g. GRI Ward 56A Gynaecology

7. Then 'Update'

Signing off results

1. Click 'Result'

2. Chase results +/- action it (send letter to patient)

Do not chase pathology (Consultant only)

Signing Off Ward results

1. Select the open book (this means that there are still outstanding results)

2. Review the outstanding results and select these

3. 'Mark as Sign Off' to confirm you have reviewed and actioned these results 

Immediate Discharge Letters

Immediate Discharge Letters within GGC are created on Clinical Portal 

Step-by-step guide to IDLs ...
  • Log into Trakcare
  • Select patient
  • Click on Clinical Portal tab to open page

  • Click on the Medication/IDL tab 

  • Select 'IDL Pathway'
  • You will need to 'Enrol' your patient on the 'Immediate Discharge Letter pathway'

    • Select 'Enroll in Pathway' then scroll down to select 'Immediate Discharge Letter'  

  • Select the 'Episode of Care' from the menu that pops up to the left 

  • Then 'Add' a patient encounter 
  • Take care when selecting the current episode. Episodes will only appear if the patient is registered as an inpatient on Trakcare. Do not select episodes where the patient is in another ward or date as this will cause confusion

  • Select the correct patient episode and then press “complete”

  • You'll now have new options available in the left column; IDL Form and Discharge Medication - both will need to be completed to proceed

IDL Form
  • Complete all information required. Ensure all boxes marked with the red asterix are complete
  • Click 'Complete' when done 
  • You can come back to modify this at a later date using the 'Adhoc Tasks' key 

Discharge Medication Review 
  • If a patient has a complete Medicines Reconciliation from admission, you can simply review and add these medicines to the discharge prescription by selecting the drug and confirming it is still required - this will then moved the medication to the 'Reviewed Medication' 
  • You can also modify, stop or withold existing medications by selecting the drug and selecting the action required 
  • To add new medicines, click the 'Add Medications' tab, type the first few letters of the drug and select the required medicine 
  • If no further medicines need adding, click 'Complete'

Completing the IDL
  • Once you have completed the IDL Form and Discharge Medication Review click 'Generate IDL'
  • Check your letter, click 'Confirm' and then 'Generate IDL'
  • You can then select the 'Print IDL Task' that will pop-up 
Making Changes
  • Select 'Adhoc Tasks' from the left hand column 
  • If the prescription does not require Pharmacy Review (e.g if the patient has enough supply of their own drugs or the wards is dispensing) you can select 'Pharmacy Review not Required'. This will allow you to finalise and print the IDL
  • Select 'Revise Discharge MR' to alter Medications 
  • Select 'Revise Discharge IDL' to amend the IDL Form 

Creating and Processing Internal Referrals on Trakcare